Vanishing Playgrounds


I would like to start this writing by narrating a small story which happened in my childhood. As every child of 90s I was also interested in playing cricket and made it as a passion for myself, even though I was not having much talent in playing the cricket. One day my mother was seriously met with an accident and had admitted to the hospital. Since our father was working abroad, grandmother had come home to taken care we children’s daily matters. On one fine evening me and my sister was coming back from school and fortunately I had seen a playground was being set up by a nearby church priest and folks were already started playing cricket. My level of enthusiasm had reached like a school boy, in this millennial generation, who had received a latest Apple I Phone

Without wasting a millisecond I ran like sprinter Usain Bolt to the playground without thinking of changing the uniform, notable thing was, my back pack was still intact behind me. However my grandmother came to know that her grandchild went directly to the playground. She brought a cane to scare me and scolded in front of other people who were playing there. I never felt embarrassed due to that incident and I had returned to home. I changed uniform, had snacks and went to the playground again to start a new relief of life. I intensely believe there shall be lots of stories for every 90s kid had to share some or other way which is related to their playground.

During my vacation this year I went to my home and I eagerly wanted to see the playgrounds filled with colorful kids playing but the truth was bitterly cruel. No kids were playing but unfortunately the playground had transformed to a jungle like atmosphere where, the beams of sun would never penetrate through. I believe this transformation was not happened in a day or a year and it focus to an ugly character side of our children they had adopted by merely confined themselves inside their nest surfing internet and poking remotes to change the cartoon channels.

Merely blaming technological advance is not the relevant decision we could take but parent’s approach towards their kids has to be changed .Instead of making homemade cricket bat and start the basics parents are offering golden bat. Yesteryear children were all dreamed their fascinating world by started reading Balarama (A Malayalam comic book circulating even now for children). I hadn’t seen any of my cousins read such comic books instead they would get what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is currently reading. Middle class parents could afford everything to buy and gift their children and the sad fact is that they are unaware what the kids deserve on different stage. Most of the students are obsessed with the television cartoons and brand new mobile phone. At the growing stage of their brain development they are having the right to indulge in all the activities like playing, fishing ,fighting , observing butterflies , birds ,flowers ,plants ,ants ,fruits, etc. If they don’t even indulge in these social activities how could they develop their responsibility towards our society? What I am going to say is surprising but the truth is, kids who are not engaged socially with other kids or society is more prone to the life threatening dangerous games like blue whale and they are less immune to these social evils.

As an elder brother of yours I would like to advice my younger generation that you people is losing your childhood days, go alone to the next village find some new good friends, pick a place which is dumped as wasteland and convert it to a playground and play yourself, fight yourself. At some point when you would cross the childhood you would come to know such childhood glimpses would never come back and that memories could never furnished again too.


Banning Tripura CM Manik Sarkar’s speech was really an embarrassment for the people of India

BJP is deliberately hurting India’s democracy by tainting all the fruits of our freedom struggle and the basis of our constitution .

Narrating an incident on the 70th I- Day , Tripura Chief Minister comrade Manik Sarkar’s speech was not aired by DD, AIR , shows that , perhaps the words would have been made the ordinary people , farmers working class of the whole India to think in a way to oppress the inhumane activities carried out by central ruling party , had been resisted by the sangh pariwar led BJP , forsaking the basic rights of an Indian citizen – Freedom of Speech .

The unprecedented move of central gov is the beginning of a malicious diseases which couldn’t be made cure in the future , unless the nation itself has to pluck the bacteria from the budding stage itself . This situation really bedevilled our federal structure and governance of each states .

Isolating the words of people who are against the acts which would eventually  leads to the destruction of our constitution and is definitely sabotaging India’s basic structure of democracy which had been concreted since our independence by our great freedom fighters.

Central Gov censorship team thinks that DD or AIR is a private property (sometimes in the future it might be) and only Prime Minister Modi’s rhetoric speech prepared by his PR team is the only program need to be delivered.The decision by the AIR to reshape Manik Sarkar’s speech is noticeably a discomfit among the people of India who strongly believe in the constitution of India .

It’s really a pathetic situation which our democracy has reached and by the gross infringement over the rights of an elected CM to address the people of his state has undermined the democracy’s value and it has to be strongly condemned by every one of our country with a single mind .

Heres is the Tripura CM Manik Sarkars full speech

DHUl0tpVoAA03p8.jpg Thripura CM speechThripura cm speech 2Thripura cm speech 3


Trip to Musanadam


Trip to Musandam Governorate

Friday the thirteenth is considered as a bad omen by many of people around the world, when one of my friend introduced regarding the trip to Musandam makes me sober from the unconsciousness inflicted upon me by the monotonous work, and I was really eager to know how the trip will be on 13th Friday 2017.Before we move to Oman I would like to write about Dibba. Dibba is the second largest city in AL Fujairah located on the north eastern part of UAE estranged from all the other manifestations of a city life which is nearby Hassan Dibba shares border with Sultanate of Oman. Dibba is exclusively surrounded by natural frontier of Rocky Mountains which is accommodating natural dents and being a habitat for many small animals like fox, rabbits, and wild porcupines and these Rocky Mountains are the main attraction while we ride on the road. Beaches with green and blue water with sparkling sand making this city’s serenity and beauty  unleashed, and this is naturally exalts the city’s fame and entice visitors more and more  to this land

We started the journey at 09.30 from Dibba theatre (since we folks living in Dibba only) other families were also waiting, whom they might have come from other emirates. The sponsor of the tour company who was an Oman national called out our names and we raised our hands; evoked the memory of raising hands while names being called out by our main teacher in the lower primary school. We shared some lighter moments with him and he wished us for a happy journey .Coordinator Sunny gave us the route map and a lane of vehicles disguised as a procession started roaring and headed towards the check post. UAE army and police border check post was situated near Hassan Dibba, another beautiful silent place in UAE, which is a part of the Sharjah Emirate. We had seen vehicles lying near by the check post waiting their turn to carry their masters to the AL Mina port in Sultanate of Oman. While the neat dressed young police officer came to our car and we handed over the Passports to him, he verified and said Khalas, meaning finished. We crossed the gate and the great welcome sign board I had read while on the move, was written as

Welcome to Sultanate of Oman

Musandam Governorate Wilayat Dibba

Within twenty minutes we had reached AL Mina port by travelling straight from the check post, and people from other sides too were waiting near the parking area allotted for the tourists, and I had seen enthusiasm on their face to embark the boat to explore great Musandam .Tourists including us moved in a single lane by laughing and teasing each other towards the boat dock. I had seen a number of decorated tourist boats were tied in a single rope from one end to the other as such these naughty guys otherwise would  float and sail towards the deep sea without the instruction of his master.

Nobody likes to be in the iron fetters, people always requires the fresh air of freedom, the brightness of sunlight, silence of the darkness ,twinkling of the stars. But the freedom which receiving us is an illusion, and we receive it as something someone granted. Someone may offend this statement, if the boat is not sailing according to the instruction of his master, It would have destroyed and end up himself by the capricious storm and the rough sea, but I defend my statement, at least the boat can see its limits itself. Entangled to someone’s orders and instructions would never show us our limits and will languish our growth ourselves. Everything will destroy today or tomorrow, there is nothing immortal, but to discover the path to reach the destiny should be taken clearly listening to our voice only.

We aboard the boat round around 11.00hrs, and the flowing of tourists with SLR camera hanging on their neck and bags to hold their items were not finished until 12.00 hrs. , Everyone was interested to sit at the top of the deck only.  Within one hour the boat was filled with 49 guests, I overheard the policeman’s talk with the boat driver; he came there to inspect the number of guests. Mr. Sohail (boat operator) started the engine and boat was behaving like a child whom his mother awakened him from a tight sleep and was errant for some time. Finally he obeyed to his master: maybe he  has offered him some good offer.

Boat was sailing slowly on the blue dyed water silently between the hard rock Mountains surrounded on either side of the sea, and I could see the port was far away from our carrier. I and Mr. Paul were standing at the corner of the deck and the cold breeze was always passing us and the other tourists on the deck. I looked around as If I was seeing the world for the first time. The world was beautiful and colorful!  And I felt like the world is a palette in creators hand with a mixture of colors on it to complete a painting .Here blue, here green, here yellow, and here white: the sky! The sea! The Mountains, Yes the World is beautiful and magical, and in its midst we live.

Most of the couple were busy taking selfies ,and the boat operators arranged refreshments and we had had number of hot coffees  making us warmth to stand there to watch around .I was eagerly looking around the sea to get a glimpse of dolphins ,but it was in vain. No dolphins were caught on our sight to make our trip an epic one. At around 12.00 hrs. we had reached near to the Haffa Beach and the boat was halted some nautical miles away from the beach to start the adventure .Operators gave instruction to wore the life jacket and the people who are interested to swim to the beach could able to do that. By hearing these instructions some of the bravest one already dived to the sea, and they went to the deepest part and I could see the rays of happiness and braveness ejected from their body penetrated all of us .The rays had bolstered everyone to jump from the top of the deck including me and the most of us.

I pondered for some time by standing on the deck, without wasting much time, I jumped from a height of 15 foot to the sea to the deep water: While I was on the air I forget everything regarding myself, I forget what was happening around me, I lost control of myself, I perceived I couldn’t do anything on the air but to fall deep into the water and I was like on a mystical contemplation concentrated only on the water. I let myself sank down to a deep of 2 meters and I saw the water around me was showering water bubbles upon me as such they were happy to receive me with great applause. Life jacket helped me to reach back to the surface of water by gulping a huge quantity of salt water.

I laughed; I laughed like hell and reached to the epitome of happiness. Everyone around me jumped to the water without thinking about the consciousness, by the time they had given up their fear to awake themselves. Most of the brave hearts already reached to the beach side. We spend some good moments in the beach and people used mask and we went deep into the water. We had seen the glittering treasures and joy underneath the water  in the form of colored shells and corals  .Now the next adventure brought by the operators – Banana boat, indeed it  looks like a banana painted in yellow color too. Operators had tied the banana boat on another speed boat and we went some nautical distance inside from the beach on the speed boat, by reaching at a particular distance away from the beach, operators instructed us to sit on the banana boat. Here too I lost myself and sat patiently on the surface of it. Operator started to accelerate the speed boat and the banana boat was moved like a meteor behind the speed boat, he endeavored to overthrow us from the banana boat and that was the fun behind this ride. Finally he drove the speed boat in high acceleration and attempted to climb swiftly above the wave and made us to fall depth into the sea. For a moment I was literally unconscious and I thought I was the only one fall apart from the banana .I was under the sea for a matter of second and I had seen the water was dancing around me, suddenly I pushed myself with the help of life jacket and saw everyone was around me on the sea itself, we laughed each other and I thought, perhaps the grievances each one of us bearing everyday had washed away by that genuine laugh. Boat operator came back and we embarked on the speed boat headed towards the main boat.

After the meals we had seen local children of age between ten and fifteen riding speed boat. I waved my hands to them as is the customary among travelers to bless the host whom they are received by. I saw the happiness on their faces by receiving water bottles and fresh fruits from our boat. They are living in the settlements near to the Haffa beach on the mountains and their source of income is fishing. Children were enjoying their school vacation by helping their parents in fishing. From the Boat operator I learned that there are number of settlements on that isolated mountain region .The biggest settlement is Lima, population is four hundred to five hundred and it was around three hours journey from Haffa to Lima, due to the caveat from the police we were not allowed to sail towards Lima, and people are using vehicles inside Lima settlement. All the other settlements men are using boat as their only conveyance mode to transport the food and to meet the daily activities.

Since the wind strength had tremendously high and the boat driver retreated the journey back to the port. Operator was accustomed to the sea and he managed to get out of the fearful wind without making any anxiety. Sun was on his way to set down on the distant white clad mountains.We reached the port by 06.00 in the evening.

World’s most priceless thing which we can obtain in our life time is the wisdom, and it is ineffable and the non-movable thing which we could experience only while travelling and by reading books: and it will make the mankind more compassionate and humble towards the fellow being.  As Fyodor Dostoyevsky says compassion is the only principle perhaps the mankind still exist.

Travel and Learn

Jackson Gebrieal Joseph


Highest mountain in UAE



It was an astonishing moment when I came to know that we were standing at the summit of tallest rocky mountain in UAE, Jabal Jais and that even after one day face book had reminded me when I started posting the snaps . After reading Jeffrey Archer’s Path of Glory, I was keen to climb a mountain, which is always filled with eagerness & adventure. But the treacheries lurked in the darkness and the frostbiting coldness can only be handled by an experienced climber. I consider the climbing aim as not my short-term or long-term goal. but, it was not buried deep under the pile of my goals.

The journey which never forethought ,its culmination will always be a success.

Our itinerary started when Gigil(one of the climber and our friend) had brought me and Philip to his room in RAK from Ajman after a night boozing party which had not enervated us for the next day’s mountain climbing .On 02/01/15 at 11.30 am we packed up and the “Duster” was intact to carry us to the base of Jabal Jais (1903 Meters). On our way to the destination we brought some snacks and drinks from the RAK Mall. As we drove about 60 kms away from RAK city, we saw that the on the sideways the mountains were like natural frontiers with hard rocks. It was not the usual slope of mountains, but I felt it was indeed done by the hands of a mysterious artist whose chisels and tools had been lost and cannot be retained for reproducing the replica of that frontier


The weather was perfect and our carrier moved a further distance of 15 kms. We started looking for a shade to quench our “intestine call”. At last our warhorse found a leafless tree which provided us with adequate shade for our halting. The gentleness of a tree can be understandable at these occasions, since it can offer enough happiness even at the verge of its death. We then took half an hour for our brunch. Meanwhile Gijo (Photographer of this Journey, captured myriad of pictures, which is always one of the best part of a journey) mentioned that the area looks like Harappa, which is one of the oldest cities in the subcontinent and developed around 4700 years ago. Fortunately, there were no archaeologists; otherwise they would have pelted stones at us by hearing such a remark. But we nodded at his comment with a broad grin. Until or unless we reached the Harappa, the broad grin must be a feather in his cap.

Our “Duster” took some rest and we raised our heads and aimed at the peak of Jabal Jais and embarked on our carrier.

After traversing some 10 kilometers by turning all the hairpins (Nos 08) hilariously by our friend Gijil. Our “Duster” was some distance away from the long queue of vehicles which were on their silent move with their masters to the base of the rocky mountain. We saw a group of families camped at the base of the mountain, mostly couples (maybe to change their daily love making ambiance) and could also see the Arabs with their 4x4s making their way up the mountain slowly, filling the high range with a foul smell that was emitted from the grinding of a clutch or tire. The sun was on the verge of setting down when we reached the base of the mountain at 3.30PM. We located a parking area and calmed our carrier.

Our heads raised towards the high point of Jais and our feet were ready to make footsteps on the hard-faced surface of the old gentleman .The reader may get confused why I have given the salutation ‘gentleman’ and soon you will know the reason behind that particular aspect. On looking him, the difficulties in climbing or injuries which could be provided by him came to my mind. Our five-member group started to climb the mountain with Philip considering himself as the climbing leader. As his name suggests, he was something which acts as a stimulus or boost to this expedition and was the first one of our group to touch the peak of Jais. With each step, the roughness which was shown by him had faded away without any reluctance from him to do the kindness. When we started our climb, we had decided to camp en route, and our fourth camp was some 500 meters away from the summit. Fortuitously, there were no upheavals which I expected during our climbing. During the climb, the only vegetation I had seen were some tiny bushes growing hardly in between the spaces provided by the rocks and it felt that they were confronting the dominating ones and the superior one trying to shrink and invade their space as we are seeing in the present world. As we were ascending up, there were other climbers who had been descending with a broad grin on their faces, then I ask myself why people are mostly forgetting to smile even during their despondency.


As the cold breeze slightly passed us, the Sun was in his Zen meditation, draped in a saffron red robe awaiting his enlightenment by spreading vividly the bright colors across his surroundings. Meanwhile, we had crested Jabal Jais and saw the valley spread out before us. The temperature was below 25 degrees Celsius and the happiness provided by the scenic beauty which is freely given by nature is inestimable and that is evidently laying before us and will never be experienced even in a gold floored skyscrapers. We howled and embraced ourselves for the successful expedition done by a small group without any planning or any external aid.

We stayed for nearly 30 minutes at the top and watched RAK in its panoramic view and saw the ships on the sea some kilometers away. It was 5 in the evening and the chillness had been rising. This tempted us to stay longer, but due to the lack of enough lights and the huge traffic on the roads, we made up our minds to descend. On our way down to the base, we saw the natural flood light hung in the skies and emitting its radiance. The number of ascending climbers did not diminish but they were actively making each step to find the treasure hidden by nature on the summit to see even in a dim light .The zig-zag motion of red lights lit by the vehicle below the mountains was a moment which caused us to stand still and watch and it was captured by our photographer. At 5.45, we reached the base of the Jabal Jais. Most of the people were busy moving away from the traffic and some were finding places to park their vehicles and another group was busy with its barbecue. Finally, our carrier got up from his short nap and was waiting for his masters to come back. Nitheesh made it to the road and we found ourselves inside the queue. On our slow move, I looked back to see the gentleman disguising himself as an arrogant and awaiting the next climbers to touch his head. As time went by, the darkness grew, wrapping the entire region and the artificial lights started to rule the entire road and I had seen the very  old man was shrinking as we drove away.